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How many points do you have on your licence?

How to check the points balance of your driving licence?

To know the score of your license

Each license holder can check the points balance on his or her license in real time That's enough - call 0645775962 from a fixed line, active 7 days a week at the cost of a local call - access the reserved area of ​​the driver's portal via SPID or CIE (electronic identity card) or, if minors, with the credentials (username and password) obtained after registering on the portal - request the points balance by contacting a civil vehicle office From 1 October 2020, following a deduction of points for a fine, the Ministry no longer sends the letter containing the balance of the points and information on all the changes that have taken place, deductions and increases.

What is a points licence Each driving licence, each CQC (Driver Qualification Card) and each KB and KA professional qualification certificate is assigned an initial score of 20 points, which decreases each time one of the offenses indicated in a special is committed. score table of the Highway Code (article 126-bis). You can lose from one point to ten points, depending on the seriousness of the violation committed. For new drivers, in the first three years, the points lost for each violation are doubled. If several infringements are ascertained at the same time, a maximum of 15 points can be deducted. However, if among the infractions there is one that involves the suspension or revocation of the license, all the points foreseen are subtracted without any limitation. In any case, the reductions can at most result in the zeroing of the score which, therefore, never drops below zero. Points are deducted from the driver's license at the time of the offence, not the vehicle owner's. In fact, the traffic police body (police, carabinieri, traffic police, etc.) which ascertains the violation, delivers a fine report to the driver, also indicating the score to be reduced. If it is not possible to identify the driver, the report is sent to the vehicle owner or, in the case of a company, to the legal representative of the company, who must communicate the personal data and of the driver's license at the time of the offence. If this information is not communicated, the owner must pay an additional administrative fine (specified in article 180, paragraph 8 of the Highway Code), but does not lose the points on the licence. In the case of hauliers, taxi drivers and drivers of cars for hire with driver (NCC) the reduction concerns the professional qualification, CQC or KB and KA, if at the time of the infringement the ascertaining body finds that the driver was carrying out the service for which qualification is required.

Loss of all points

In case of loss of all the points of the license it is necessary to retake the exams. In fact, when the score is equal to zero, the obligation to review the driving license is triggered. The Ministry sends the driver a letter inviting him to retake the exams required for the issuance of his driving license within 30 days. In this period it is still possible to circulate. However, if the exams are not taken or are not passed, the license is suspended indefinitely. After passing the exam, the initial 20 points are reassigned on the licence. Report scoring errors or request clarifications

If, after consulting the points balance on the website, there are scoring errors for a single deduction, any report or request for clarification or correction must be addressed to the traffic police body (police, carabinieri, traffic police, etc. .) who issued the fine. Even if, following successful judgments for appeals against a reduction in points, the re-allocation of points does not result, it is always necessary to contact the police body that issued the fine against which an appeal was presented, as this body is the only one who can rectify the score. In fact, it is precisely the police body that ascertained the violation that autonomously records the score to be deducted from the license in the computer archives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. The operation is carried out after the report has become definitive: that is, after the pecuniary penalty has been paid, or any appeals have concluded in an unfavorable sense for the interested party, or the deadlines for their presentation have expired. The data appearing on the website are those entered by the police agency which ascertained the violation. To recover lost points If points have been lost, but the score is not exhausted, to recover it is possible to attend special courses at driving schools or other centers authorized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. From 1 October 2020 the Ministry, following a deduction of points for a fine, no longer sends the letter containing the balance of the points and information on all the changes that have taken place, deductions and increases which until now was necessary to be able to enroll in a points recovery course. This communication

- is sent, automatically, only by email if you are registered on the website

- can be downloaded autonomously and at any time, in .pdf format, from the website after registering. Therefore, to access the courses you must present

- the printout of the communication obtained through the website after registering or

- the printout of the points balance requested, free of charge, from a civil vehicle office The courses allow you to recover 6 points to those who have an AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B, BE license 9 points to those who have the C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE driving licence, the KA and KB type professional qualification certificate, the driver qualification card (CQC)

Bonus for good behavior

Every 2 years passed without infractions that cause points to be lost drivers who have at least 20 points are automatically awarded a "bonus" of 2 points; with this system you can reach a maximum of 30 points. drivers who have less than 20 points, but more than zero, are restored to their initial score of 20 Instead, starting from 13 August 2010, for novice drivers, in the first three years, a "bonus" of 1 point is assigned for each year passed without infringements that cause a reduction in points, up to a maximum of 3 total points.

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