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Maradona and Scania

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

It's a light blue Scania 360, model 113H, the truck bought by Diego. There was also a Scania in Maradona's luxurious garage, why? The Argentine idol was now stressed by the continuous siege of Argentine journalists and in 1997, when he returned to play for Boca Junior, he decided to experiment with a different way to escape from them. One day he showed up for training aboard the Scania, sky-blue like the Argentina and Napoli shirts, challenging them to reach him, not in speed but in height. It is rumored that Maradona also had a second Scania 113H in his fleet, this time in black. When he appeared for Scania in training it was the week before the match against Colón, on the ninth round. Diego didn't play. He arrived at the training ground in a Porsche on Monday the 13th. Tuesday, in a Mitsubishi Montero. And on Wednesday the 15th he broke into the truck, with Guillermo Coppola at his side. The chronicles of those days tell that Scania was unable to enter the sports center and exited a hundred meters earlier, so Maradona had to enter on foot. They called for mechanical assistance who solved the problem (they had put the diesel in the wrong tank) and put it in the parking lot so that the "Ten" could come out later. simplifies your life as a driver!

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