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The safe distance!

How to calculate the safety distance

In order to better understand the safety distance, it is important to take into consideration some factors, such as:

  • he alertness of the driver's reflexes

  • the type and state of efficiency of the vehicle

  • the speed

  • visibility and weather conditions

  • traffic conditions

  • the slope of the road

  • the characteristics and conditions of the road surface

  • the size of the load

To carry out the calculation there is a formula and it consists of dividing the speed (km/h) by 10, after which the result must be squared: the result will be a value that expresses, approximately, the safety distance to maintain (in metres). Here are some examples:

  • if you are traveling at 50 kilometers per hour, just keep 25 meters from the vehicle in front and from the vehicle behind (the equivalent of the length of two coaches)

  • if the average speed is around 90 kilometers per hour, the safety distance reaches 40 meters (like putting two trucks in line)

  • If you travel on the motorway at 130 km/h, you will need to respect a distance of 130 metres, practically a football pitch.

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