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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

The story of the truck driver stuck in the mud for two months

His name is Kym Mozol, the Australian truck driver who got stuck in the mud during a 28-hour journey to make a single grocery delivery to the only shop in a remote village of 300 inhabitants called Tjuntjuntjara. We are in Australia, Mr. Mozol runs the Ceduna-Tjuntjuntjara section every 15 days it's a mammoth journey for the lone driver, who will spend most of the journey contemplating his to-do list. Talk only to yourself. But the inhabitants of Tjuntjuntjara are waiting for him because their livelihood depends on his delivery of food. It's 2018 and Mozol's truck gets stuck in an expanse of thick mud. The vehicle got so bogged down that not even another 400 horsepower truck could get it out. And so the trucker remains stuck for eight weeks and is only released when the mud dries. Only these days is his story being told by all the international media, and it's going viral. "I carry out my work with undiminished passion" he declares to the microphones of ABC. simplifies the driver's life!

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